Short Response Time

Short Response Time


In the world of high technology, being the first to market with a new product can mean the difference between success and failure.

That's why some of the leading innovators in their respective industries turn to Deltron for their prototype assembly.  As a responsive company, Deltron ensures rapid turnaround times as required, whether for a small industrial SMT board with 50 components, or for a state-of-the-art IC test platforms with numerous components.


Deltron realizes new forms of business value through its global sourcing partnerships by accelerating components buying, shortening time to procure and finding successful entries into new markets. Sourcing initiatives typically begin as a means to get everything in order, control and lower costs.

With fully integrated operations, Deltron’s team of highly experienced production planners are constantly fine tuning each production run, allocating personnel and resources to deliver the quality and workmanship expected - on time, and on budget.

For prototype assembly, the highly flexible workforce can produce the prototypes as needed - all without sacrificing quality or jeopardizing customer satisfaction. And if customer modifications are required even later during the production process, Deltron has the flexibility and responsiveness to handle all changes.