Turnkey Solutions

Test Services


At Deltron, we always strive for Value Engineering trough In house Reliability Engineering. When it comes to building Solid State Electronics, there is no margin for error. Therefore, all the components assembled are tested to customer specific standards.


The testing process ensures that Deltron Engineers and Test Professionals work closely with the customer to develop the specific test protocols which span from standard production test protocols to customized jigs and fixtures.


In-Circuit Testing (ICT) facilities with a large library of devices allow for verification of active as well as passive components. Using the ICT as part of test strategy ensures thorough testing of PCB assemblies with industry-leading efficiency and accuracy. The end result is better operating efficiencies and confirms Deltron’s reputation for high quality and reliable manufacturing.


Deltron possesses advanced Thermal Cycling and Cleaning Equipments. The environmental Chamber can be used for HALT/HASS tests and Thermal Cycling of various products. It can cycle between-100˚C and +200˚C at rapid change rates. This is an effective means of identifying failure prone components and assemblies in the shortest possible time. Award winning aqueous cleaning equipment is used as automatic defluxing and cleaning testing systems.