Deltron Advantage


Deltron, with over two decades of EMS experience with commitment to innovation, technology, quality and cost, aims to assist OEMs in optimizing their operational costs.


Be it telecommunication related products, wireless based equipment, surveillance, medical equipments, the will to deliver quality, workmanship and customer service keeps the customers coming back to Deltron.


As history shows, Deltron has constantly been striving to respond to growing customer requirements by expanding operations, streamlining production process, and providing the timely delivery and superior quality the customers expect.


Deltron’s management team has years of combined experience in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. For the clients, that translates into an invaluable resource for solving technical, logistical and business issues - from streamlining production and designing for manufacturability to finding new ways of meeting challenging production deadlines.

In other words, Deltron targets a problem which is what a strategic partner is supposed to do.