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Virtually every device on the planet relies on electronics to make it work and the boards or electronic sub-assemblies that drive these devices represent a technically rigorous, labour-intensive and financially draining process...this makes the OEMs in the world to turn to Deltron.


As one of the industry's leading contract manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies, Deltron,s skilled and trained manpower have total customer orientation, catering to diverse application needs of transnational companies in the Telecom,Industrial,Automotive,Consumer durable and Medical segments.


From small industrial and consumer application boards to state-of-the-art IC test platform boards, everything is handled at Deltron. This includes Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole (TH) equipment all the way to highly specialized prototype construction.


As a full turnkey solution, Deltron has the expertise and resources to handle the entire production process - from sourcing components and building the boards to assembling, testing and shipping the final units.