Outsourcing & Off Shoring Advantage

Outsourcing & Off Shoring Advantage


By leaving the purchasing to the experts, OEMs get the benefit of Deltron’s large-volume buying power, along with years of expertise in the industry. Best of all, product shortages and returns are taken care of, not to mention the cost of warehousing and shipping highly sensitive electronic equipment.

In today's highly competitive business environment, the key to success is staying focused. For OEMs, directing resources on key areas of competency, while off-loading technologically demanding and labour-intensive production to contract manufacturers makes them focus on developing clientele, building business, and growing the bottom line.

The result, as many manufacturers have found, is a reduction in capital expenses, payroll costs and production trials and tribulations, as well as an increase in quality, flexibility and productivity.


Even the simplest surface-mounted circuit board involves a highly sophisticated and demanding assembly process, requiring a depth of technical expertise and millions of dollars in automation and testing equipment.

As one of the leading contract manufacturers in the industry, Deltron’s highly experienced staff and modern facilities will give world-class quality and economy of scale - without the dilemma of buying, maintaining and operation of exsisting facilities.